Bob Snigaroff of Denali Advisors – Highs and Lows from the Land of the “High One”
Bob Snigaroff

Bob Snigaroff, who is President and CIO at Denali Advisors, based in San Diego.  The firm is named after Mount Denali, the highest peak in the USA located in Bob’s native Alaska (and the name for the mountain means “High One or Great One”).  The firm is classified as a minority run firm due to Bob’s native American heritage and we discuss his upbringing in a fishing village in Kenai Alaska and how this influenced him in both striking out from the area and remembering his roots.Bob has a PhD in economic sociology and a host of other interests alongside his passion for value-based asset management, and we trace the evolution of his investment style as well as the trials and tribulations of starting a new firm and what the fundraising process has been like. We also speak about the underrepresentation of native Americans in US public life as well as in the finance industry and the fact that they remain one of the poorest demographic groups in the US, attracting little coverage, even during the current focus on diversity and inclusion. We end with a tour through his inspiration from classical literature and the rooting in simple values that we sometimes lose sight of.  I have always loved Bob’s meditative calm and the manner in which he stands apart from the typical pace of asset management and finance.  I hope that you enjoy these 20 minutes of his journey. This podcast is brought to you  with the kind support of Pluscios Capital, a women-owned, WBENC certified investment management firm based in Evanston, IL. With over 60+ years of combined investment management experience, co-founders Constance Teska and Kelly Chesney are committed the development of bespoke investment solutions on behalf of institutions and intermediaries. In addition to broadly diversified core and catalyst solutions, Pluscios provides hands on product development support and custom solutions with a focus on diversity-led and emerging managers.