BONUS Episode: Nicci Take – Deal Coach on Sealing the Deal, Following Up and Remembering Forgetting

Nicci Take featured in our first Pride series in 2021 and shared her story as a prominent transgender advocate, inspirational speaker and coach.  We have watched Nicci’s presence grow and thrive over the past 3 years, she posts frequent inspirational content on Linked IN and we we wanted to ask her back onto the podcast to share some of that wisdom  – particularly as we get ready to launch our pride series of 2024 in coming weeks.
Now global head coach at MMC Marsh McLennan, Nicci works with teams to help the company secure more deals.  We speak about the dynamics of being memorable in these presentations, and how prioritizing the needs of the audience is paramount.
We discuss the poor retention levels of audiences, citing the Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting and the staggering amount of information that is forgotten as time passes from the date of acquiring it.  This reinforces the importance of repetition and follow up.
Nicci cites the “day, week, month” mantra for follow up, which sets the cadence for interactions after the initial meeting, and a host of other tips for making presentations memorable, including that it really is not about the presenter.