Trailer Series 2 of 2024: Wealth & Wellness, and Determining the Hero of the Story

We are thrilled to be back with Series 2 of the 2024 Fiftyfaces Podcast, which will marry insights from private wealth with insights on strategy, leadership and the investment landscape. Inter-disiplinary learning is the way of the future, so we are excited to weave together diverse aspects of our investment discipline here. Series 2 is rich with insights around private wealth,
We start with a discussion of the emerging landscape of “financial therapy”, and ask what it is and why it is important. Staying within private wealth ask about the threat from robo-advisers and look at ways to holistically think about protection as well as enabling our clients to prosper.  We move on then to discuss the changing shape of asset management, particularly around the generation of alpha and hear from a professor at Harvard about what he sees as fundamental shifts in this landscape.
We cycle then from alternatives hearing from a founder of a hedge fund of funds firm to a divergent thinker in the investment office of one of the Mid-West’s largest health systems (who also treats us to a detour on his (prior) passion for poker and motorbikes). We move then into discussing diverse managers – amplifying them and getting them funded until we come to a triumphant landing then around topics we should all think more about – telling our story, and remembering who the hero should be.
Our featured guests on Series 2 are:
Daniele Beasley whose focus is on “helping clients understand their money so that they can focus on their meaning”.  She was a guest on this podcast in September 2021, when we spoke about her focus on financial literacy as well as her approach to financial planning.
Carina Diamond, who is a wealth management leader with particular experience in growing and building businesses.  Late last year, she founded Stella Secunda Partners and is a founder of Diversitas, a national education program at The University of Akron designed to expand diversity in wealth management.
Maggie Rapplean, a partner at Moneta, with a particular focus on family office clients.
Kelly Chesney, who is principal and co-founder of Pluscios Management, a fund of hedge funds manager based in the Chicago area. The firm, founded in 2006, has two female founders.
Aditi Javeri Gokhale Chief Strategy Officer, President of Retail Investments and Head of Institutional Investments at Northwestern Mutual, based in Milwaukee.
Randy Cohen, who is a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business school. His main research focus is the interface between the actions of institutional investors and price levels in the stock market and has helped to start and grow a number of investment management firms.
Brent Mattis, who is a Principal at Cleveland Clinic Investment Office. He specializes in idea generation, manager selection and financial modeling for the investment portfolio and likes to look “off the beaten path” for opportunity.
Grace Reyes, who is the CEO and Founder of TIDE – The Investment Diversity Exchange, which she founded in January as a way to connect key industry players to promote diversity and inclusion in the investment industry.
Hallie Label, founder of Expect Equity, based in Baltimore.
Rick Weissinger, Chief Marketing officer of Moneta.