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Dena Ackerman – Artist, Illustrator and Art Instructor – Art as a Labor of Love

Dena Ackerman is a fine artist, illustrator, art instructor and writer now based in Israel, but originally from Los Angeles. She is a frequent presence on LinkedIn, and has a passionate following because of her relatable, personal posts, as well as her vulnerability around the challenges of making a living as an artist. I came across her through a contact on our inspiring Israeli women in tech series Fran Jakubowicz and have had the pleasure of having her capture some family members in her exquisite portraits.

173. Vivian Lin Thurston, Portfolio Manager at William Blair Investment Management – The Art and Science of Portfolio Management

Vivian Lin Thurston is a Partner and Portfolio Manager at William Blair Investment Management, where she is based in Chicago. She previously covered global consumer stocks in a research role both at William Blair and a series of other financial services firms. She is Chairman of the Board at the Chinese Finance Association of American and a Principal Dancer and Director at the Xilin Dance Company. 

Jasmine Pradissitto – Breathe: How Physics Met Art to Create an Accidental Activist

Jasmine Pradissitto is a British artist, academic, scientist, speaker and environmentalist who has a Ph.D. in physics from UCL and has studied art at Goldsmith’s and London Met. Her critical practice spans painting and sculpture and she is the only artist in the world licensed to use NOXTEKTM , a newly developed sustainable material that absorbs nitrogen dioxide (NOx) pollution from the air. Jasmine is represented by Gillian Jason Gallery in London, and has exhibited worldwide including most recently two public art projects for the Horniman Museum in London and the Camden People’s Theatre for Euston Town Green Bid, a Mayor of London environmental initiative.

Our discussion discusses how once Jasmine learned that she was “allowed” to use her physics background to make art, this unleashed a wave of creativity, particularly around her sculptures, which are designed not only to create awareness of space but also to inspire awareness of the air that we breathe and the blight of urban air pollution.

The Covid Series Part 2 – University Students

The Covid-19 Crisis has had a stark impact on university campuses, as the once crowded lecture theaters, dining halls and sports arenas sit empty and millions of students learn from remote locations. Student bodies are often the target of enhanced enforcement too, and they have been under focus for sometimes dodging restrictions, partying in college halls and close contacts been forced into sometimes repeated quarantines.

In this breakout room I wanted to hear from a group of university students themselves about their experience.

The Covid Series Part 1 – Business Owners

The Covid-19 pandemic and government responses have upended society and have wreaked havoc on small businesses in particular. According to data from Homebase, as we now enter the holiday season and year end, metrics in term so hours worked, the number of businesses open and the number of employees working have sunk to pre-summer levels. The number of small business owners who don’t know if their business will survive has risen to 34% from 22% in July while 6% believe it won’t (from 3% in July).

We talked to a diverse group of business owners based in the UK and the US about the effect that the Covid disruptions had on their businesses. What we learned sometimes surprised us, sometimes it was sadly predictable