Inspiring People in Law

A podcast series focused on the career stories of extraordinary people in the law, ranging from the first transgender person elected as a trial judge in the US, one of the first African Americans to be appointed to the Michigan Supreme Court and the former mayor of Detroit, trailblazers in international corporate law and international criminal law and others.

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Inspiring People in Law Podcasts
GuyLaine Charles

Guylaine Charles – Derivatives, Counsel and Impact

GuyLaine Charles and I met when we started on the same day as junior associates in a NYC law firm in the mid-90s. GuyLaine became a specialist in derivatives and recently launched her own firm, Charles Law PLLC, to represent clients in the negotiation of financial agreements including prime brokerage, futures and options, limited partnership and cr...
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Inspiring People in Law Resources

Inspiring People in Law Themes

Victoria Kolokowski discusses her first legal role, which she moved into after law school, following her transition to become a woman 24.18 to 28.33

Dennis Archer discusses his impressions of diversity in the law: 25.41 to 28.17

Perry Zizzi discusses the change in inclusion in the legal profession since he entered in 1995, and shares his thoughts as to changes that remote working as it came about during the pandemic will cause: 11.02 to 15.51

Margaret Casely-Hayford comments on how diversity in law has been slow to change: 9.34 to 12.37 and 13.07 to 17.48

Kip Hale shares some of the high and low points so far of his career in international law: 10.43 to 14.57

Walter White on how it is inconceivable for him to be a lawyer and not to fight for justice and civil rights and his views on the state of human rights in the world today 29.34 to 33.50

Dennis Archer discusses his impressions of diversity in the law: 25.41 to 28.17


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