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Yele Aluko – A Journey in Medicine; An Examination of Diversity

Yele Aluko is Chief Medical Officer at EY, a role he has held for close to 4 years. He is Co-Chair, Health Equity Advisory, at the international Well Building Institute, an Advisory Board Member at the Children’s National Hospital and a Board Member at the Wake Forest University School of Business. He has worked as a Cardiologist in hospital settings for over 30 years.

A profoundly personal discussion of the immigrant experience, overcoming isolation to build a thriving cardiology practice, leaving to pursue a role in medical policy and the ongoing challenge of inequity within the medical profession and how to address it. This podcast also features in our Nigerian Voices series.

Shalom Lloyd – From The Kingdom of Essan to Harrods: A Journey of Impact

Shalom Lloyd had a career of over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry and then went on to found two businesses. She is the founder of Naturally Tribal skincare and the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of eMQT. She has been a keynote speaker on the topic of innovation and was a fellow of the Start-Up Leadership Program in London until 2020.

A serial entrepreneur, Shalom studied pharmacy in Russia from the age of 15 and there followed a passion for the pharma industry, which sparked her two start-ups – in beauty and the field of medical research. Each venture is focused also on creating impact and employment in the Kingdom of Esan. This podcast also features in our Diverse Founders series.

Kristin Finney-Cooke – Making the “Dash” Count

Kristin Finney-Cooke is an investment consultant based in Chicago, who works with a range of public pension plans across the Midwest, along with other institutional investors. She has a particular interest in promoting and encouraging diverse asset management firms, particularly those that are female and minority owned.

A discussion of family, expectation-setting, and why it is important to make the “dash” count in our lives.