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Series 1 2023 – Investment Stories – from Chicken Arbitrage to Ageism, Socio-Economic Mobility and the Power of the Middle Voice

It is hard to believe that we are back for our fourth year of the Fiftyfaces Podcast – and in Series 1 of 2023 we hear about unorthodox beginnings such as the twelve year old who arbitraged the price of chickens when growing up in Uganda, and ended up in a senior role in Bridgewater before starting his own firm. We hear about traditional ones too, about investment instincts honed at the family dinner table, or through seeing the world through an artist’s eyes. 

Cynthia Steer – An Investment Legend Reflects

Cynthia Steer has had a multi-decade career in investment management, spending time as an investment director, CIO, and Chief Retirement Strategist at a series of large consulting firms, and she now holds a broad range of investment committee and independent director roles.

Margaux O’Brien of the University of California Investment Office – Solving the Allocator’s Challenge

Margaux O’Brien is Investment Director at the University of California investment office, based in Oakland, CA. She previously spent over 14 years in the fund of hedge fund area, where she specialized in equity long/short and other equity hedge funds. Prior to that she was an investment consultant.

A joyful discussion with a renowned hedge fund allocator and a reminder of the importance of humility and how this can be a secret weapon in overcoming performance anxiety.

Susan Martin – Greenstone Consulting – Navigating the Challenge of Change

Susan Martin is MD of Greenstone Consulting, a change and transition management firm. After a long career in the public sector, culminating in a CEO role at a financial services business, she now holds a number of director roles and works as an executive coach.

A committed change agent shares her secrets as to how to successfully execute change at a corporate level and her insights now as a coach and a director.

William Bourne – Bridging the Gap in Investments and in Life

William Bourne is a long-time adviser to the local government pension schemes in the UK, and has over 30 years experience on all sides of the asset allocation business. He is the founder of Linchpin, which provides advice on investments and governance to institutional investors, and has worked in sales as well as investment roles, and has spent a considerable amount of time in Japan. He is a frequent commentator and participant on the investment advice conference circuit and a co-host of an occasional webinar series with me in which we bring together a lively group of investors and their advisers.

An enjoyable reflection on a varied and full financial career which is now rounded out with a portfolio career and twin passions for Bridge and Sailing.

172. Steve Butler of Punter Southall Aspire – The Future of Work When Age is Just A Number

Steve Butler is Chief Executive at Punter Southall Aspire, an investment consulting group.  He was previously the founder of Camradata, a business author and a visiting industry fellow at Oxford Brookes Business School.  He has a particular focus on areas such as #futureofwork, #olderworkers, #inclusiveculture, #intergenerational, and #retirementplanning and writes extensively on the topics on LinkedIN, which is where we met.  He is pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration which is examining the effect of Covid 19 on different generations in the workplace.

David Vafai – Disruptive thinking and when what will “b” will “b”

David Vafai is Chief Executive Officer at bfinance International Limited, an investment consulting and advisory firm that he founded over 20 years ago. The firm is known for its innovative service model, which has shifted some of the traditional structures in investment consulting, manager selection and asset management.

A fascinating tale of hustle, innovation and thinking outside the box that ultimately launched a disruptive investment consulting business model.

Jessica Portis – Leaning In and Making “Inroads”

Jessica Portis is Head of Member Portfolio Management and Services at TIFF Investment Management. She previously had a long career in investment consulting, first at Summit and then Mercer.

An empowering discussion about the impact that certain programs that create opportunity can have and of the importance of balance between work and family once a career is in full swing.