144. LaRoy Brantley of Meketa Investment Group – Lighting a Fire through Education and Mentorship

LaRoy Brantley is a managing principal at Meketa Investment Group. He has over 20 years experience in an investment consulting capacity. We first met when we joined Cambridge Associates earlier in our careers. He has had multiple public fund board positions and has a particular focus on raising awareness of diverse investment managers.

Our conversation starts with LaRoy’s unconventional path into investments – he was a classics major and following his degree spent seven years as a teacher, until his blended love of languages, classics and technology saw him pursue a graduate degree at MIT. We reflect on the learnings that can come from classics – the attention to detail, the approach to education and conveying information, and the focus on creating institutions that endure.

Now he invests his time, talent and treasure across his consulting work and work on boards, particularly college boards.  We talk about his investment discipline, as well as his commitment to amplifying emerging managers and forcing those sometimes uncomfortable conversations that lead to change – LaRoy believes that discomfort has its place on a constructive path to improvement.

Please enjoy this tour through core investment beliefs, market truths and an educator’s view as to how our industry can grow.

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