William Bourne – Bridging the Gap in Investments and in Life
William Bourne

William Bourne is a long-time adviser to the local government pension schemes in the UK, and has over 30 years experience on all sides of the asset allocation business. He in the founder of Linchpin, which provides advice on investments and governance to institutional investors, and has worked in sales as well as investment roles, and has spent a considerable amount of time in Japan. He is a frequent commentator and participant on the investment advice conference circuit and a co-host of an occasional webinar series with me in which we bring together a lively group of investors and their advisers.

Our conversation starts with William’s long and varied career which has been both global and hyper-local, and has included many start-up situations, some of which had varying degrees of success. We discuss his investment beliefs, and how helps his client to navigate the current market volatility and how his views have evolved over time.

We then dive what William terms his “hinterland”, which is a particularly rich one – from his love of small-craft sailing, which included some stormy encounters and even a shipwreck, to his passion for bridge, which is one that he is committed to passing on to younger generations. We talk about some of the under-appreciated aspects of bridge – how it makes you think, and the skills it lays down for life.

There is more information about William and Linchpin (including William’s blog) on: https://www.linchpin-advisory.com/home

This podcast was made possible by the kind support of Alvine Capital, a specialist advisor and placement boutique, based in London.