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Oli Shakir-Khalil: A Classics Scholar shapes the Modern World of Asset Management

Oli Shakir-Khalil is an investment director in EM Debt at Fidelity International, based in London. He is passionate about the need to reinforce listening within organizations and debunk the myth that this area should be taboo. His initiatives both within his own firm and within the industry are innovative and powerful to spread inclusion and promote dialogue about this issue.

A lively conversation that traces Oli’s move from classics to finance, finding his edge there, and his advocacy for mental health and LGBT causes.

Kristin Staffeldt – Real Assets in the Real World

Kristin Staffeldt is a Senior Portfolio Analyst in the Real Assets area at the University of Chicago endowment, which has around $8.5 bn in assets under management. She has spent most of her career in a range of roles in real estate, having focused on land economics in her university degree.

A deep dive into the characteristics of the real estate asset class, how to approach it as an institutional investor and perspectives of the profession for a mid-level vantage point.

Bonus: UK Public Fund Special – Doug Heron CEO of CERN (formerly CEO at Lothian) – Cycling Through Pensions the World Over

Doug Heron is Chief Executive Officer at CERN pension fund based in Geneva, a role he assumed in August 2021. He was formerly Chief Executive Officer of Lothian Pension Fund, and prior to that held a number of finance industry roles throughout banking and asset management. He’s a trustee director of the NatWest group pension funds and was a Member of the Business Council of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland for five years.

136. Dr. Namukale Chintu – Why Excellence Should Know No Frontiers

Dr. Namukale Chintu is a finance professional who holds Non Executive Director Roles including roles at Invesco Limited and Arkadia Asset Management and a number of advisory roles. She started her career in investment banking and held a series of Executive Director roles in Proprietary Capital and Wealth Management covering Africa. She is the founder of Frontier Market Consultants. 

The Fiftyfaces Podcast Series 2 2022 Trailer – Taking a Stand

In Series 2 of the 2022 podcast we discussing taking a stand – a stand against climate change, against bias, against  recruitment processes that aren’t generating the results and against stereotypical thinking. We hear from another 10 inspiring guests from around the world.  From the academic who realized he could make a better impact with his sustainable finance agenda in the world through publishing papers and writing books, to the fund manager with a passion for improving after school education to a head of asset management who is changing the recruitment process from the ground up.

Seema Hingorani of Girls Who Invest – Beyond the Dream

Seema Hingorani is the founder and chair of Girls Who Invest and a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley Investment Mangement.  She previously was CIO at her own hedge fund and Chief Investment Officer of NYC Retirement Systems where she spent 4 years following a long career in asset management.

Girls are Investors/Fiftyfaces Collaboration: Building Confidence in a Changing World

There is a popular narrative that women are less confident than men. But is this borne out in the data? Recently, I presented to a group of university students who were members of a Women in Asset Management club. And it seemed to me, in a somewhat troubling way, that the popular narrative that women are less confident than men has become accepted as a truth, one that has even become internalized by young women at a young age.

We set out to tackle this issue and convened a panel of two executive coaches and one executive search expert to debate this issue of confidence, share what they see from their perspective.

Mark Mwangi – Backing up the Truck and Seizing the Opportunity

Mark Mwangi is the founder of Amitruck, a Kenya-based company which connects transporters (whether a motor-bike, pickup, van or even a large articulated truck) directly to clients, and aims to ensure convenient pricing and cut out a large part of the costs of goods. He is also co-founder of Dalwyn, a natural gas exchange, based in London. He was previously a senior investment manager at Pictet Asset Management in London, and prior to that worked in Equity Research at Bluecrest.

One fun fact shared on another podcast is that he is also a licensed pilot. Our discussion starts with Mark’s first introduction to trucks, and how it stemmed from a part-time job he took to support his studies.