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Roy Kuo – How to think like an owner

Roy Kuo is team head of alternative strategies at the Church Commissioners for England, which has £8.5bn in assets under management, with £1.4bn in hedge fund strategies and £1.7bn in alternative private market strategies. He previously held a series of roles in consulting and asset management, and is an active participant on the conference circuit for alternative assets, as well as a thought leader for institutional investors.

A broad-ranging discussion of what it means to “think like an owner” in the stewardship of institutional assets.

183. Eddie Welch of Nuveen: Why it is so Important to Enjoy the Struggle

Eddie Welch is an alternative asset specialist at Nuveen, a role he has held since April 2021.  He previously worked as an Associate at CIM Group, focused on real estate investing, and prior to that and his degree at Ohio State University worked in a wide variety of roles and played college football.

Series 3 2022 – Trailer – Critical Issues; Critical Thinking

Welcome back to the Fiftyfaces Podcast where we are delighted to bring you Series 3 of 2022, which features critical thinkers from all walks of life. We hear about the value added of active management, the robustness of sustainable investing terminology, the role of politics in promoting inclusion and economic empowerment and the opportunity in Africa. 

Mark Steed – Out of the Box and Data-Driven – A Vision for Pension Funds of the Future

Mark Steed is Chief Investment Officer at Arizona PSPRS Trust, a US public defined benefit fund with over $13 bn AUM, where he has spent over 14 years. He previously worked as a banker and prior to that as a financial analyst, and has a Masters in Predictive Analytics. He describes himself as an “investment ideas” guy and an out of the box thinker at that.

An out of the box thinker and public fund CIO takes us out of the box to discuss his current investment ideas and what it takes to motivate a retain a team.

Daniel Booth – Consolidating the Experience of a Global Career

Daniel Booth is Chief Investment Officer at the Borders to Coast Pensions Partnership, which manages assets on behalf of 11 partner funds within the UK Local Government Pension Scheme. He has extensive experience as a chief investment officer, and he has had a particular emphasis on alternative investments throughout his career, where he has spent time in Saudi Arabia, Frankfurt as well as the UK.

A reminder of the gifts of a global career, a deep discussion of investment beliefs and of the supreme importance of trusting people.