BONUS – Maureen Downey of The Beneficient Group – First Class Experiences and Second(ary) Thoughts

Maureen Downey is a Managing Director in Alternative Assets at The Beneficient Company Group as well as a Venture Partner at DigitalDx Ventures, and has specialized in alternatives investing with a particular focus on secondary investments and ESG integration for over 15 years.

Maureen and I got to know eachother at Goldman Sachs in London and it was fascinating for me in this discussion to discover the richness of her hinterland in terms of time spent in Emerging Markets, gaining experience in a range of industries and learning from some of the leaders in the field.

As an experienced investor in both emerging markets and private equity, we had a unique opportunity to discuss the intersections between the two areas, and now layer in the complexities of ESG overlays as well as the secondary market and its evolution.

We discuss the innovation that is being pursued by The Beneficient Company and how the time in the market is ripe for such a solution.  Finally we reflect on the learnings from a career in international finance and the grounding that different academic backgrounds can provide.