Episode 232: Matt Sherwood of Pothos Partners: Carbon Emission Allowance Trading and Embracing the Green Economy

In this podcast we return to a former guest, Matt Sherwood, whom we featured in an earlier podcast in this series (see https://www.fiftyfaceshub.com/157-matthew-sherwood-ph-d-of-wevidit-media-determination-vision-and-the-power-of-reframing/) in order to catch up with his new venture, Pothos Partners. The name comes from the golden pothos plant which sequesters carbon particularly efficiently among plants. It is also a resilient plant that is difficult to eliminate.

The firm will be focused on delivering asymmetrical value opportunities and is currently focused on the opportunity set in California carbon emission allowances market. Matt describes the window of opportunity in this market and some of the misunderstandings that persist about this market, particularly how it is differentiated from the voluntary carbon offset market. He ties it to the goal that many investors have to achieve net zero targets and how this regulated market can offer real evidence around emissions and progress.

Finally we return to Matt’s own story of visual impairment and how this has not deterred him from pursuing his passion of value investing, founding a firm and making impact.

This bonus series is kindly supported by Sound Mark Partners. Sound Mark Partners LLC is a women-owned and led private credit firm focused on commercial real estate.