157. Matthew Sherwood, Ph. D. of WeVidit Media – Determination, Vision and the Power of Reframing

Matthew Sherwood, Ph.D. is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WeVidIt Media, a video streaming platform that leverages data and analytics for a more inclusive and profitable entertainment industry. We met while he worked as an asset allocator, where he headed up public market investments for MMBB Financial Services.  He has spent time as a guest lecturer and an appointed professor at Columbia University and The King’s College in New York, and has authored a textbook on the topic of ESG Investing. He is a board member of the Guide Dog Foundation and American Vet Dogs and serves on the Lavelle Fund’s Investment Committee.

Matt lost his sight at the age of 24, and became legally blind within a matter of days.  We discuss how he pivoted from a practical perspective, which enabled him to continue his career and to thrive there.  We discuss the inclusion of people with similar disabilities in the professional world, and examine the massive advances in technology which are making access more seamless.  Biases and prejudices however are less  dynamic in changing and Matt reframes the term “persons with disability” as “persons with determination”.

We discuss many of the organizations and advocacy groups that are furthering better inclusion and then move to discuss Matt’s current passion for WeVidIt, democratizing access to this form of investment and the fundamentals that underlie it.

This podcast was previously released as a bonus in recognition of April 27 being International Guide Dog Day.

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