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A series that collects inspiring career stories of Nigerians at home and abroad. The voices of this energetic and entrepreneurial diaspora reveal the learnings and creeds that have driven them to extraordinary achievements abroad, and in some cases inspired them to return home. This series includes 4 bonus episodes featuring stories of Ghanaian professionals.

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Obi Ozor NEW

Obi Ozor – Disruption, Innovation and Building Resilience as a Founder

Obi Ozor is Founder of Kobo360, a privately owned, pan-African technology company disrupting the African third-party logistics industry.  Kobo360 was named one of the Top 100 SMEs in Africa in 2018 by Business Day and Disruptor of the Year at the Africa CEO Forum on 2019.  The company uses big data and agile technology to reduce friction and scal...
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Eric Idiahi NEW

Eric Idiahi – Honesty, Humility and Hard Work as a Recipe for Success

Eric Idiahi is co-founder and a partner of Verod Capital, a private equity firm based in Lagos, which he founded in 2008. He is Chairman of the Board of Tangerine Africa as well as Eleva Group and holds a number of Non Executive Director positions. He was previously a Managing Parter of FountainHead Media Group as well as a Financial Derivatives Co...
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Shalom Lloyd

Shalom Lloyd – From The Kingdom of Essan to Harrods: A Journey of Impact

Shalom Lloyd had a career of over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry and then went on to found two businesses. She is the founder of Naturally Tribal skincare and the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of eMQT. She has been a keynote speaker on the topic of innovation and was a fellow of the Start-Up Leadership Program in London until 2020....
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Bridget Uku – Global Roots; Local Investments

Bridget Uku is Group Manager Treasury & Investments at a UK local authority, where she has spent over 14 years, and she previously worked as Investments and Insurance Finance Manager at the Greater London Authority. She is a frequent participant on the local government conference circuit, which is where we met. A delightful account of a journey ...
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Nigerian Voices Resources

Nigerian Voices Themes

Hear about the key opportunities in African technology and venture capital investment:

Eric Idiahi shares his views on the African private equity opportunity here: 9.28 to 11 and his perspectives on how outside investors view the continent: 7.46 to 9.20

Uche Orji has a unique vantage point as head of the Nigerian Investment Authority. Hear what he has to say about investing in Africa here: 6.36 to 14.36

Raymond Onovwigun shares his views on the opportunity for Africa to be the next frontier in sustainable investing 13.04 to 16.24

Michiel Timmerman (from the Fiftyfaces Podcast) runs a fund focused on investing in SMEs in Africa, particularly in Tanzania and Kenya. Hear his perspective as to why the investment opportunity is poorly understood outside Africa: 14.55 to 16.08

Stephan Breban (from the Fiftyfaces Podcast) has decades of experience with African Private Equity and shares why he believes that the opportunity set is exciting: 10.58 to 13.52

Obi Ozor on why African is uniquely placed for the technological revolution: 14.25 to 16.23
and also on why it is the ultimate proving ground for young businesses: 8.56 to 10.42 and 13.04 to 14.14

Raymond Onovwigun on the importance of values and maintaining a charter in order to attract the right kind of capital and chart a course as a founder: 18.10 to 19.18 and on the challenges of starting a firm there: 18.10 to 19.18

Shalom Lloyd on the steps she went through to get funding to start her own business, Naturally Tribal, and the journey she experienced here: 12 to 13.05

Mark Mwangi (from the Diverse Founders Series) presents the unvarnished truth about the strain of a start-up here: 14.28 to 15.23

Yvonne Bajela (from the Diverse Founders series) seeks out innovators throughout the African continent and Europe for her Impax Venture Capital fund. She shares what she looks for in a founder: 8.47 to 11.45

Shalom Lloyd discusses the reaction she faced as a black female founder: 17.27 to 19.34

Andrew Osayemi discusses learning to use his voice as a young boy from South London on the trading floor of the City and how showing his authentic self was a breakthrough to the profession: 8.21 to 11.40

Yele Aluko discusses “Missing Persons in Medicine” and the underrepresentation of different ethnic groups in the profession.  He shares his insights on what it would take to introduce more equity into the profession here: 21.09 to 27.58

Shalom Lloyd discusses how her background in pharmacy led her to start EmQT, which conducts clinical trials in Africa and why there is still a major shortage of such trials on the continent: 13.17 to 16.27


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