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Episode 224: Apurva Schwartz of Harding Loevner: Turning the Lens on Investment Company Culture

Apurva Schwartz is a portfolio specialist at Harding Loevner LP. She was previously a principal at Rocaton Investment Advisors, where she was a senior member of the investment team. Prior to that she held a series of roles in equity analysis and investing. Our conversation starts with her serendipitous start in finance and how that experience of picking stocks drove her to launch her own hedge fund. Her interest then expanded to analyzing managers themselves and a career in investment consulting. This came full circle then when she chose her next move, which was back into the investment management field.

Mitesh Sheth – Vision and Leadership that Celebrates Difference

Mitesh Sheth is CEO of Redington, an investment consulting firm based in London, where he has spent almost 8 years. He started his career as an investment analyst and held various roles in asset management firms and in his own strategy and innovation consulting business.

A story about fitting in and carving a unique path into running a business that marries team building spirituality and acceptance.

Justin Onuekwusi – Showing Where We Go From Here

Justin Onuekwusi is a Fund Manager and Head of Retail Multi-Asset Funds at Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) based in London. He started his career as an investment consultant in an actuarial consulting firm, and moved to a research and portfolio manager role, where he has specialized in multi-asset fund management.

A look back to a background that build resilience and strong relationships and now furthers a desire to mentor and lift up the next generation within the City.