Mitesh Sheth – Vision and Leadership that Celebrates Difference
Mitesh Sheth

Mitesh Sheth is CEO of Redington, an investment consulting firm based in London, where he has spent almost 8 years. He started his career as an investment analyst and held various roles in asset management firms and in his own strategy and innovation consulting business.

We talk about his childhood first and how he learned to bring his authentic self into the workplace. Something seemingly minor – like not drinking alcohol – can sometimes make socializing difficult – and this led to him finding different ways to connect and to bond with colleagues.

Now in a leadership role, Mitesh brings a considerable amount of thought and reflection to bear, which includes a practice of logging and tracking decisions and returning to analyze what drove them. We discuss the role of “experiment and fail fast” as a tool to encourage innovation, flexibility and psychological safety in the workplace. We then move to integrating spirituality into one’s life, and how this can impact leadership as well as how we motivate others.

At Redington, the firm emphasizes celebrating “difference” and creating a culture of belonging. We talk about what this means in practice, and how it will be increasingly important in a post pandemic world.