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140. Robin Powell – Evidence Based and Value-Driven – Myth Busting across the Investment Landscape

Robin Powell is a journalist, investor advocate, financial educator and content consultant.  He is Head of Client Education at RockWealth, as well as Editor of The Evidence Based Investor, and executive director of Regis Media and Ember. He is a frequent commentator on investment management and behavioural finance,  often probing the purported value added by active managers and advocating for better transparency and investor education.

Seema Hingorani of Girls Who Invest – Beyond the Dream

Seema Hingorani is the founder and chair of Girls Who Invest and a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley Investment Mangement.  She previously was CIO at her own hedge fund and Chief Investment Officer of NYC Retirement Systems where she spent 4 years following a long career in asset management.

Eric Idiahi – Honesty, Humility and Hard Work as a Recipe for Success

Eric Idiahi is co-founder and a partner of Verod Capital, a private equity firm based in Lagos, which he founded in 2008. He is Chairman of the Board of Tangerine Africa as well as Eleva Group and holds a number of Non Executive Director positions. He was previously a Managing Parter of FountainHead Media Group as well as a Financial Derivatives Company. 

Our conversation traces Eric’s move to the US where he completed his high school and university education and what drove his decision to move back to Nigeria. This was an exciting time, and we look at some of the surprising aspects of re-integration – and how the fact that he wasn’t married initially was relevant.

Eoin Murray of Federated Hermes – Sustainable Investing and Mountain and Water Rescue

Eoin Murray is Head of Investment at the international business of Federated Hermes.  He has had a long career in investment management, spending time as a hedge fund manager and a quantitative equity specialist.  He recently obtained a certificate in energy innovation and emerging technologies and is a passionate advocate for sustainable investing, greater awareness of climate change and in driving change in the investment industry towards these goals.  He also has a diploma in specialist rescue which includes Swift Water Rescue, Powered Boat Rescue, Water Incident Management, & Rope Rescue via Outreach Rescue.  It is these unusual intersections that we discuss in this podcast, which is also included in the Fiftyfaces Focus Intersections Series. 

Girls are Investors/Fiftyfaces Collaboration: Building Confidence in a Changing World

There is a popular narrative that women are less confident than men. But is this borne out in the data? Recently, I presented to a group of university students who were members of a Women in Asset Management club. And it seemed to me, in a somewhat troubling way, that the popular narrative that women are less confident than men has become accepted as a truth, one that has even become internalized by young women at a young age.

We set out to tackle this issue and convened a panel of two executive coaches and one executive search expert to debate this issue of confidence, share what they see from their perspective.

Esther Peiner – Building a Nurturing Career Infrastructure

Esther Peiner is Co-Head of the Infrastructure Group Europe in Partners Group, based In Zug. She previously spent close to 11 years at Macquarie Group, where she was a managing director focused initially on the TMT sector and then infrastructure and real assets.

A deeply personal discussion of the challenges and opportunity of blending work and family in the world of finance, the fascinating world of infrastructure investment and the benefits of a diverse workplace.

Tony Dalwood – How to Tackle Alternative Investments

Tony Dalwood is Chief Executive Officer of Gresham House, an alternatives asset management business based in London. Its product range includes forestry, renewables, infrastructure, housing, private equity and strategic public equity funds.

A fascinating discussion of the lessons learned from sport and how they an inform team-building, team-work, and success in the long game of finance and investing. service to private wealth and what he perceives to be the differences between the two.