Bonus: UK Public Fund Special – Doug Heron CEO of CERN (formerly CEO at Lothian) – Cycling Through Pensions the World Over

Doug Heron is Chief Executive Officer at CERN pension fund based in Geneva, a role he assumed in August 2021. He was formerly Chief Executive Officer of Lothian Pension Fund, and prior to that held a number of finance industry roles throughout banking and asset management. He’s a trustee director of the NatWest group pension funds and was a Member of the Business Council of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland for five years.

Our conversation covers Doug’s early career and some of the stints abroad that proved to be formative – namely a spell in China and now the current life change which saw him move his family to Geneva from Scotland in the summer of 2021 to take up the role at CERN. We examine the challenges and tremendous opportunities in embarking upon an international career and look at some of the similarities in running pension funds no matter the context.  Doug shares some of his core investment beliefs and working habits – such as his preference for low waste – keeping communications efficient and accessible.

We reflect on some of Doug’s outside interest – such as coaching youth sport and his role on the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, and how this informed his investing work, and finally turn to some key advice for all of us – to “leave early and cycle home” as a nod to wellness, avoiding burnout and retaining perspective in life.

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