Tim Hodgson of the Thinking Ahead Institute – Exponential Thinking for a Complex World
Tim Hodgson

Tim Hodgson is co-head of the Thinking Ahead Institute at Willis Towers Watson.  He previously worked as an investment consultant. Our wide ranging conversation covers the genesis of the Thinking Ahead institute and what prompted the desire to gather industry thought leaders together to work on the most pressing issues facing not only the industry but the planet.Tim’s own career has had many twists and turns and we spend some time on how he learned to think in exponential terms instead of strictly linearly. We translate this thinking into what the outlook for the planet is and Tim is surprisingly sanguine about what progress we will make and the change that we will see in 5 years. This podcast discusses similar themes to those discussed in Episode 72 with Tim’s colleague, Marisa Hall co-head of the Thinking Ahead institute. You can find the link to that here:https://open.spotify.com/episode/0ITfgkpUg8NOzDY6XrqEx5?si=0zLrNlEwSKOCybf-MA4R7wThis podcast is brought to you with the kind support of Pluscios Capital, a women-owned, WBENC certified investment management firm based in Evanston, IL. With over 60+ years of combined investment management experience, co-founders Constance Teska and Kelly Chesney are committed to the development of bespoke investment solutions on behalf of institutions and intermediaries. In addition to broadly diversified core and catalyst solutions, Pluscios provides hands on product development support and custom solutions with a focus on diversity-led and emerging managers.