201. Sonali Wilson of Wellington Management: A Legendary Industry Networker Encourages Women across All Borders

Sonali Patel Wilson is Managing Director and Director of Alternatives, Americas at Wellington Management where she is based in the New York City area. She sits on the investment committee of the Harry and Jeanette Foundation in Baltimore and she is the trustee of EWAAB Encouraging Women Across All Borders, which helps college aged women and non-binary individuals build their confidence to enter STEM and finance fields. She previously held various positions at PIMCO focused on account management in the alternatives area and has held various investor relations and analyst roles.

Our conversation traces Sonali’s roots and the path her parents took as immigrants from India as well as the entrepreneurship and sacrifice that served as the backdrop to her childhood. The entrepreneurship journey took them from lobby convenience store stands to real estate and the focus was on studying and academic achievement and, always, hard work.

We move then to her journey into investment and finance and how she found her voice and style in developing a network and some of the surprising turns that that journey took. This discussion infuses Sonali’s personal and professional lives, in which she followed a tradition of “breaking with tradition” in her own choice of life partner, and this has given her a new appreciation for diversity and inclusion.

Sonali has numerous interests that are close to her heart and many of them relate to STEM and finance and getting those areas more diverse. In particular her work with EWAAB (Encouraging Women Across All Borders) is impactful in this respect and we discuss what drives her to do more in this area.

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