Series 5 2022: Trailer – Celebrating Our Diversity

As we bring our third series and second full year of podcasting to a close we have assembled a library of over 170 diverse role models in this series.  As the macro backdrop churns these dynamic personalities are our touchstones, our human constants, through the market noise.

In Series 5 of 2022 we hear from leaders from large institutions, a charity, a sovereign wealth fund, as well as a strategist at a global asset manager, a purveyor of inclusive capital, a partner at a consulting firm who successfully came back as a “returner”, a financial journalist and an ex navy aviator.

The guests in Series 5 are:

David Holmgren is Chief Investment Officer at Hartford Healthcare, based in Connecticut, and has had over 30 years of experience in running both internal and external investment portfolios in a range of settings. Aside from being a nonprofit CIO, David also serves on the investment board for the Hartford Community Foundation.

James Brooke-Turner is director of Yoke and CEO and investment director of the Nuffield Foundation, based in the UK. He was voted one of the inaugural for inspiring leaders in the voluntary sector, and writes about financial governance for charities.

Geri McMahon is a partner at AON and Co-head of Responsible Investment at the firm. She started her career at Price Waterhouse Coopers in Sydney, and spent time as a fixed income trader before moving to a healthcare technology, business and ultimately moving to AON in 2018. She wrote a powerful LinkedIn post about returners, which led me to want to find out more about returnship programs and their value. In 2019, she was awarded the most inspiring returner at the professional pensions, women and pensions awards after her first year returning.

Blair Smith is senior director of the Center for Financial Markets at the Milken Institute, where he leads the center’s access to capital and strategic innovative financing initiatives to enhance economic and social impact. Prior to joining Milken, he was an adjunct professor at the Columbia Business School. He’s the former Chief Investment Officer for the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Development Corporation, a CDFI and was the founder and CEO of Prometheus AB strategies, LLC, a strategic consultancy focused on helping diverse lead asset management firms achieve their goals. He’s a member of the Real Estate Executive Council and is a 2019 Council of Urban Professionals Finance Catalyst recipient.

Emma Jane Joyce is a sustainability specialist at the National Treasury Management Agency based in Dublin. She spent most of her career at the agency holding roles such as Head of responsible investment and investment director. She’s a member of the Ireland steering committee of the CDP global environmental reporting system.

Terri Duhon is an award winning educator, TEDx speaker, Board Director and speaker, who has over 25 years of experience in financial markets. She wrote the book “How the trading floor really works”,  founded her own financial markets trading firm, and is an Associate Fellow at the Said Business School in Oxford. She sits on the Board of Morgan Stanley International, where she is Chair of the Risk Committee, and also holds a number of additional independent director roles.

Dr. David Kelly is Chief Global Strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management, a position he has held for over 14 years.  He lives in Massachusetts. He was previously economic advisor at Putnam Investments, and prior to that held a range of roles in the financial services industry.  Originally from Dublin, like myself, he’s a PhD in Economics from Michigan State University.

Eugene O”Callaghan is a business and investment advisor based in Dublin, where he advises a range of asset managers and sovereign wealth funds on strategic initiatives. He was formerly Director of the Irish Strategic Investment Fund and prior to that Director of the National Pensions Reserve Fund of Ireland. He started his career as an accountant.

Preeti Singh was until recently an LP reporter in the private equity area at the Wall Street Journal. She graduated from the Graduate School of journalism at Columbia University, and has worked in a range of roles and financial journalism. She has spent time as a Content Manager for publishing company in executive search prior to entering journalism, and is known for her ability to cultivate deep relationships across the industry, and to get the first scoop and industry moves.

Julie Cane is CEO of Democracy Investments.    The firm uses a proprietary algorithm to drive capital flows toward the economic growth of democratic countries and away from authoritarian states. She has had an over 20 year background in financial services where she has developed market leading innovations at Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab Advisor Services, SEI Investments and Autodesk Ventures.  She began her career as a US Naval Aviator flying the SH03 Sea King helicopter.  Among her other roles, Julie is Chairman of the Board of Swords to Plowshares, a nonprofit helping over 3000 military veterans, and she is currently Captain in the California State Guard.