Series 3 of 2024 – Trailer – A Tour through Public Service, Private Wealth and Culture

Summer is coming, and so is Series 3 of the 2024 Fiftyfaces Podcast, and this series is filled with themes that we have not touched in as much depth before. The notion of service, and in particular serving public funds – whether in an officer, trustee or consultant capacity is explored in depth – we look at the mindset required, the rewards that accrue, and how to attract new talent into this segment.

We move then to private wealth to discuss the unique ways to serve clients such as athetes

Our guests on Series 3 of 2024 are Marcie Frost, CEO of Calpers, Kevin Leonard of NEPC, and Kurt Summers of Blackstone, all of whom talk about their work lives in public funds and the satisfaction they derive from this.  Staying with pension funds we chat with Jim McNamee about his career in the police and his transition into pension funds. We move from there to Canada to catch up with Derek Walker of CPP Investments about the total return approach that they espouse.

Moving then to private wealth, we speak with the legendary Ciara Hurley about her 30 years in private wealth in Ireland, Stephanie Drescher of Apollo about the massive opportunity for growth in this segment, and Anna McDonald from Moneta talks about her practice with professional athletes.

We cycle back to asset management then to hear about the case for Emerging Markets from Varun Laijawalla, as well as the culture of culture at Golub Capital, as told by David Golub.

Series 3 of 2024 is sponsored by Ruffer Investment Management.