Series 1 2024 – Trailer – The More things Change . .

2024 will be a year of tremendous change, and tremendous noise.  With elections in key regions, we are likely to be subjected to a volley of rhetoric and uncertainty will be the order of the day. In times like this, it seems even more important to reach out to our wise community for their insights on what should stay the same, and evolve, amid this uncertainty.

Tune in to hear about the power of networks, the importance of investing in relationships for the long term, the need for certainty and the importance of hearing the bad news early – particularly as a credit investor.  We also talk about the blue economy, the power of capital, company culture and blockages to effective governance, as well as the transformational role of alternatives in individual portfolio.  Tune in to hear from Catherine Beard, about her path through private credit and Jason Singer about what it means to provide solutions to clients on a global scale, and how alternatives will grow as portfolio components.

Uwe Schillhorn charts his career, which involved stints in Latin America and other Emerging Markets, and describes how the desire for certainty drives advisory behaviors even amid great market volatility while Paul Richards takes us deep inside the governance mindset and teaches us some words that every board member and executive should learn.

Elizabeth Browne charts her extraordinary career and family history of female empowerment and shares the kind of founder she is now committed to supporting, while Asha Mehta takes us on a journey of her own, describing the Power of Capital, the book she wrote with the same title, and how being an Adventure Capitalist has become her life’s mission.

Chris Gorell Barnes describes the depths and opportunities in investing in the Blue Economy, and Shane Lanigan describes why credit investors need the bad news upfront, while discussing the opportunity set in Ireland and the UK.

Julie Castro Abrams talks us through creating a seat at the table for all women, while Angela Miller May returns to the podcast to update us on her new CIO role at IMRF in Illinois, and how she is determined to leave no stone unturned in making an impact.

Series 1 of 2024 is supported by Apollo Global Management, a leading provider of alternative asset management and retirement services solutions. Apollo seeks to provide clients excess return at every point along the risk-reward spectrum and is focused on empowering retirees, building and financing stronger businesses and driving a more sustainable future.