Series 1 2022 – Impact & Legacy
impact & legacy NEW

Welcome back to The Fiftyfaces Podcast in 2022. In this first series we meet with ten more inspiring guests and draw out in particular themes relating to impact and the importance of education.  For some of our guests their commitment to educating the next generation – whether through personal sponsorship, Board Roles, teaching decision making or the founding of The Skills Workshop – there is universal belief in its importance.

Impact takes many forms, and includes investment in education, but for some of our guests it also includes solutions to alleviate homelessness, house vulnerable women and adults with learning differences, or address the problem of climate change.

We hear from private equity veterans, a rising stars in Emerging Markets and one in factor investing, creators of movements and inspiring figures all of whom make our industry richer, healthier and more sustainable.

The first series is brought to you with the kind support of Heard Capital, a Chicago-based asset manager invests in public equities in the technology, media, telecommunication, financial and industrial sectors.  The firm was founded in 2011 and manages assets via a long/short fund and a long-only fund.

Kimberly Smith is Head of Capital Formation at Techstars.  She was previously Director of Marketing and Investor Relations at Owl Creek Asset Management and before that worked at Davidson Kempner and ABN AMRO.  She holds a number of Board Roles and is an active advocate for education

David Hutchings recently retired from Albourne Americas where he was most recently Partner Emeritus having spent over 14 years at the firm where he founded the private equity research practice when he joined. He previously held a range of senior private equity roles in a career that spanned over 50 years.

Rachel Green is Director of Institutional Sales at Nuveen. She started her career in risk management and moved into a sales role in 2014.  She has been a prominent voice in the City of London on issues of diversity and inclusion and is the Founder of The Skills Workshop (, to help women and young people understand their career options, share stories and to identify with others as well to create a sense of belonging.

Vitali Kalesnik who is a partner and senior member of the investment team at Research Affiliates, a Newport Beach headquartered investment firm.  Vitali is based in London.  He has focused his career in equity based research and has a Phd in economics.  He has written extensively in academic journals and has received various industry rewards for his content.  He is originally from Belarus.

Dr. Rania Azmi is the Founder of Alexandrite Decisions, a NATO registered management consultancy and training firm that fuses her three interests of investment strategy, academia and cancer patient advocacy. Based in Kuwait, she was strategic adviser to the Kuwait Sovereign Wealth Fund for over 10 years and has had a long career in academia and is a member of the executive education board at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  One of her particular interests is decision making.

Simon Chisholm is Chief Investment Officer at Resonance Limited, an investment manager focused on achieving social and place-based impact.  It currently runs funds focused on three themes – homelessness, housing for vulnerable women, and housing for adults with learning differences.  It has over 20 years of an Impact Track Record and has housed over 2300 people in 1000 properties since inception.  Simon previously spent over 16 years in investment banking and also holds a number of Board Roles.

Seema Hingorani, the founder and chair of Girls Who Invest and a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley Investment Mangement.  She previously was CIO at her own hedge fund and Chief Investment Officer of NYC Retirement Systems where she spent 4 years following a long career in asset management.

Stavros Stiokos, managing partner and co-founder at Astarte Capital Partners. Stavros started his career with Salomon Brothers in NYC in the mid-nineties and later was sent to London.  He then became managing director of Citigroup responsible for the global trading strategies across the firm and for the product solutions for all pension funds and insurance companies across the world. He was formerly Head of Investment Management at Piraeus Bank. He is originally from Greece, but has lived outside there since 1990, mainly USA (where he did his Ph.D and Masters) and the UK.

Joel Moreland, who is a principal consultant in social and environmental finance.  He previously worked as a fund manager and has a background in maths and management.

Diana Kiluta Amoa, is Chief Investment Officer of Kirkoswald, a US based hedge fund, and she formerly spent over a decade in financial services in a range of roles including fixed income and rates trading, with a focus on Emerging Markets. She is a Board Member of the Global Nomads Group among other roles.