Rod June – A Roadmap for Inclusion and Change
Rod June

Rod June is Chief Investment Officer of the Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System, (which has $19.5 bn in AUM), where he has spent over 8 years. He previously held the same title at the Hawaii Employees Retirement System, where he spent over 4 years.

In this podcast we discuss Rod’s long history of public service in public pension funds, how he entered finance and some of the key influences on his decisions. We focus for a time on the issues at the forefront of his mind as a CIO of a public fund today, including where the decision making really resides, the need to maintain a long-term perspective and the importance of building a diverse and resilient portfolio. He talks about how he has shored up his team and approach amid pandemic disruptions and how he has carefully crafted a roadmap for inclusion. This is the most astonishing part of this podcast – the clear and systematic way that Rod builds an environment that fosters inclusion and enables “crossing over” into new communities. There is something in it for all of us.