Robyn Grew of MAN Group – From Teenage Rebel to Corporate Executive

Robyn Grew is Group COO, general counsel and Head of ESG at Man Group as well as Head of Man Group US. Global Head of Legal and Compliance. She has been with the firm for over 12 years. Previously, she worked in a number of different compliance roles and at financial services firms. She lives with her wife in the New York City area and has a college-aged son.

For Robyn, questioning authority was a way of life – at least at the beginning.  She describes her upbringing in the UK and how she was never really “not out” – but also describes the time that she came out to her parents and later in the workplace.  She observes that the process of coming out is often an ongoing thing – she suggests that every new person you meet, every holiday you book, any new school you go to, anything that’s new at all, you’re coming out all the time – it is a constant thing that never stops. This is also the case for the child of gay parents who must “come out” about their own situation too.

Now in an executive role, Robyn describes the variety of work that she does and how much she enjoys it.  She also talks about the Pride network within her firm and how little gestures like flags on email signatures or on desks can be so meaningful, and also the surprising enthusiasm around some of the Pride month merchandise that the firm (under)ordered.

Despite this progress in the workplace though, there are still areas and pockets where rights and acceptance are not what they should be and Robyn notes that there are still places she would not feel safe to go on vacation.

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