Rachel Green – Lessons from the Skills Workshop of Life
Rachel Green

Rachel Green is Director of Institutional Sales at Nuveen. She started her career in risk management and moved into a sales role in 2014.  She has been a prominent voice in the City of London on issues of diversity and inclusion and is the founder of The Skills Workshop, to help women and young people understand their career options, share stories and to identify with others as well to create a sense of belonging.

Our conversation starts with Rachel’s upbringing in the Caribbean and her move to London as a teenager.  She describes her entry into the world of finance as a “crash landing”, which proves to have been a very fortuitous one. We discuss how she started to thrive in the industry and her move to sales.

The most extraordinary part of our discussion is the vision behind The Skills Workshop, which Rachel launched in 2021, which involved over 60 seminars and 8,000 participants as part of a massive, concerted, volunteer effort. Rachel’s description of how a simple gesture and exposure changed her life, and the hope that this effort will have the same, exponential, effect on thousands of life is a true definition of impact.

One of the mentor’s in Rachel’s career has included Justin Onuekwusi, whose own podcast featured in the 2021 Fiftyfaces Podcast (https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/fiftyfaces/episodes/2021-04-08T11_02_52-07_00) and who now has his own podcast series with the extraordinary Darren Johnson (see his own profile here: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/fiftyfaces/episodes/2021-09-08T01_56_57-07_00) The Rolling Start Podcast (https://audioboom.com/channels/5060750).

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