Pippa Gawley of Zero Carbon Capital – Deep Science, Hard Tech, Big Impact
Pippa Gawley

Pippa Gawley invests in what she describes as deep science hard tech innovations to accelerate the zero carbon transition.  She is the founder and director of Zero Carbon Capital, a fund she founded in April 2019, and holds various non-executive director and mentor roles. She has extensive experience in tech, and, latterly, in climate-tech in particular. Our conversation traces her roots and her coming of age as an angel investor.  We learn then what ultimately led her to climate tech, and to the potential that she believes that this area holds.  We speak in particular about innovation in three areas: food and agriculture, carbon capture and the hydrogen economy.We move to her experience as an angel investor and what she looks for in a founder or an idea or concept to back.  She recounts her own experience in raising capital for her current fund and how being a female founder factored in, as well as how she had to embark on a process of education around the whole concept of climate tech. We speak about the industry at large, and how in the UK 81% of all VC deals have all male teams on the company side, and what needs to be done to slowly redress this balance.There is more information about Pippa’s approach and zero carbon capital here: https://www.zerocarbon.capital/This podcast is brought to you  with the kind support of Pluscios Capital, a women-owned, WBENC certified investment management firm based in Evanston, IL. With over 60+ years of combined investment management experience, co-founders Constance Teska and Kelly Chesney are committed the development of bespoke investment solutions on behalf of institutions and intermediaries. In addition to broadly diversified core and catalyst solutions, Pluscios provides hands on product development support and custom solutions with a focus on diversity-led and emerging managers.