Nicci Take – A Different “Take” on Sales Strategy and Gender Balances

Nicci Take is interim head of growth at Mercer. She is an expert in sales, and is the chairwoman/founder of M62 Vincis, which helps organizations win by working out the last 15 mins of the sales cycle. She is a Presenter, Entrepreneur and stand up Comedienne and a prominent transgender advocate, inspirational speaker and coach. who is a #BritishLGBTAwards Top 10 Inspirational Leader as well as one of the FT 100 Leading LGBT+ Executives 2017.

Nicci’s experience as a sales expert was developed over decades of global experience, often as an entrepreneur. She resists efforts to reduce sales to a process and stresses the importance of relationships and the human connection. Her transgender journey had a different trajectory – although she always felt drawn to feminine things in her youth, she only transitioned in her professional life at age 42. We talk at length about that, about how it transformed her approach to business and changed her management style.

The transition also paved the way for tremendous insights not only into how women are treated in the workplace but also into how many contemporaries and colleagues – both familiar and those less so – viewed femininity and women more generally. As a stand-up comic, Nicci can always see the funny side of what life has thrown her way, and this humor comes through wonderfully in this podcast.

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This podcast was made possible with the kind support of David Mooney, as well as Tom Soto of the Diverse Communities Impact Fund.