Marisa Hall – Thinking Ahead; Forging Change
Marisa Hall

Marisa Hall is co-head of the Thinking Ahead Institute at Willis Towers Watson, where she has spent most of her career, starting initially as an investment consultant. She was named Woman of the Year in the 2020 Women in Finance Summit & Awards Series and was on the 2020 List of Financial News Rising Stars in Asset Management in Europe. She is a member of the Steering Committee of the Diversity Project in its ethnicity workstream and is a Standing Committee Member of Investment 20/20.

Our conversation covers Marisa’s entry into the world of investment and the various nudges that she received that pushed her in different but, ultimately, highly productive and creative directions. We speak about the innovative areas that she is focused on at the Thinking Ahead Institute, as well as her thoughts on the evolution of the investment industry over the next 5 – 10 years.

We then examine the question of diversity in detail – Marisa has a unique perspective due to her many mentoring and advocacy roles – and she speaks poignantly about the need to understand the differing mindsets that many of our colleagues bring into the industry and how intimidating the trappings of the workplace can be.

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