Machel Allen – Passion and Persistence (and a few Upset Apple Carts)
Machel Allen

Machel Allen is President and Chief Investment Officer of Metis Global Partners, a firm she founded in November 2013. The firm, based in San Diego, is focused on global equity investment across the size spectrum from micro-cap to large cap. She previously spent time as an equity and research analyst at a range of asset management firms.

Our conversation covers the entry level roles that revealed to Machel the opportunity to develop a proprietary investment process, and the fragments of inefficiencies that she loves about the investment world. Her persistence in setting up her own firm and building it in a sometimes tough asset raising environment are testament to her tremendous grit, but as we discuss, Machel has been upsetting apple carts for most of her life.

We will hear why she is optimistic about the future for diversity in the investment world, and some of the mentors and influencers that have shaped who she is as an investor.