Kristin Finney-Cooke – Making the “Dash” Count
Kristin Finney-Cooke

Kristin Finney-Cooke is an investment consultant based in Chicago, who works with a range of public pension plans across the Midwest, along with other institutional investors. She has a particular interest in promoting and encouraging diverse asset management firms, particularly those that are female and minority owned.

In this conversation we do a deep dive into her rich family history of academic achievement, and discuss in detail the experience of students attending HBCUs, and what they contribute to the national conversation as well as to preparing a body of talented black students to succeed in their careers and life. We then turn to Kristin’s own experience in moving from what she expected to be a career in medicine to one of investment, and how she uses her platform to amplify minority-run businesses.

We talk about what really matters in life, and why we should all strive to make the “dash” – that little sign between the years of our birth and death – count for something. It is an inspiring conversation.