Keren Fanan – Why Choosing an Extraordinary Path Should Be an Ordinary Decision
Keren Fanan

Keren Fanan was in her most recent role the Chief Commercial Officer at Gett, where she led the company’s international SaaS strategy and its B2B unit across over 1000 cities. Prior to that, Keren launched and scaled two “startups within a startup”. She previously held a series of business development and product manager roles. She has been a Board Member of Women in Tech Israel since November 2020.

Our conversation starts and ends with the reminder by Elon Musk that ordinary people can choose to become extraordinary, and it is that ambition and that self-belief that has led Keren not just to advance in her career but also to lift up other women in the tech community.

We discuss Keren’s journey into her role, and the traits in particular that were useful in scaling start-ups within a start-up. We talk about her experience of taking family leave during her career – and what she found to be key to successful integration of work and family life and transition between the two.

There is more information about Women in Tech Israel here.

This podcast was made possible with the kind support of Emanuel Arbib of IAM Capital Group, a global alternative investment group, and the individuals Elissa Bayer and Avital Eusgeld.