Karen Shackleton – Investing for Impact; Pensions for Purpose
Karen Shackleton

Karen Shackleton is the founder and head of Pensions for Purpose, a collaborative initiative to promote understanding of impact investment for institutional investors. This is in addition to a portfolio career which includes roles as investment adviser to four local authority pension funds, as well as Chair and Non-Executive Director roles. She has spent most of her career in investment, including time as a fund manager, client relationship manager and chief executive of an Investment Advisory Firm. She is a frequent speaker on the institutional investor circuit and a passionate advocate for knowledge and action in impact investment.

Our conversation covers Karen’s journey into investment, her investment beliefs and how she developed her portfolio career. We examine in particular how she came to be a passionate advocate for investing for impact, what impact investing means to her and the genesis of the Pensions for Purpose platform. Finally, we seek and fail to determine if computers are in fact “mañana or megabucks” . . . you’ll just have to listen in to find out more about this conundrum.