Judy Chambers – Amplifying voices; Scaling success
Judy Chambers

Judy Chambers is Managing Principal of Meketa Invstment Group, an investment consulting firm. She has had a long career in investment consulting and prior to that investment banking. Based in NYC, she is Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Toigo Foundation, and sits on the Board of the Community Service Society of New York.

Judy had an exceptionally early start in the world of investing – starting as an intern at JP Morgan at the age of 15. She has not stopped since. Our discussion covers her moves through investment banking and then investment consulting, and some insights she gained along the way as to the power structures she would encounter as she built her career. Now, in an investment consulting role, she is instrumental in identifying promising minority led investment firms, and we discuss the enduring challenges that these firms face in getting a seat at the table.

Judy is currently Chair of the Advisory Board of the Toigo Foundation and we discuss the benefits that this program and affinity groups provide in nurturing diverse talent within the investment profession.