Jenny Segal – Speaking and Motivating With Images
Jenny Segal

Jenny Segal is a motivational speaker, author and photographer, with a focus on building resilience, improving communication and building better workplace cultures. She had a long career in the investment industry culminating in senior leadership roles in institutional business development and distribution areas and is currently a Senior Investment Officer with Nesta among other positions, including an ambassador role with the Diversity Project.

Our conversation starts with Jenny’s entry into the investment world, the motivation she received from her school and her family and her rise through the ranks in a profession that did not always value diversity. In a profoundly moving segment we speak about a health setback of breast cancer and how that changed her perspective on life, on her self-worth, and on what her next chapter would be. We then turn to Jenny’s current focus, which is as a motivational speaker where she works with companies to improve their corporate cultures – drawing upon her own decades of experience as well as personal journey.

This is an exciting time for Jenny, as she has recently published a book focused on workplace cultures, and in particular motivating and de-motivating behaviors, and is developing her consulting business under her Speaking with Images brand.

There is more information on Jenny’s new book: Motivation – Building Better Workplace Cultures here:

This podcast was made possible by the kind support of Alvine Capital, a specialist advisor and placement boutique, based in London.