Helen Gottstein – Storytelling in Business

Helen Gottstein, communications coach and founder of Israel-based Loud and Clear Training works with a range of companies from start-ups to established tech players, to hone their pitch, their value proposition and their communication strategy. The power of zoom and online delivery has enabled her business to go global, and we have engaged her to train a US-based team on becoming “camera ready” and effective video communication.

In this video she outlines her formula for “Storytelling for business.”  Helen discusses 4 kinds of story that help to drive brand awareness, visibility and engagement.  First, she stresses the importance of everyone in the C suite being able to encapsulate the company’s mission and function in a nutshell. She explains why sometimes lack of specificity leads to weak generalities and communication that lacks power and impact.  Second, she explains why storytelling around the values and core beliefs of a company should also be crystal clear.  This enables you to create greater emotional and cognitive impact, when drawing upon numbers, data and names.

She also explains the “money story” and how important that is when seeking investors – the ability to explain both the current yield and the return on investment so far plus the investment that is being made in the company to increase yield in the future.

The fourth kind of story is the product – making the case for why it works and what it delivers.  Sharing this story effectively is key to every sales conversation – essentially being succinct, specific and cater to the audience being spoken to.