Heidi Ridley – Radiating a New Investment Vision
Heidi Ridley

Heidi Ridley is Co-Founder and CEO at Radiant ESG, based in the Bay Area of California. She has had a long career in asset management, including roles as CEO of Rosenberg Equities, a division of AXA Investment Managers, global head of client service and head of North America institutional sales. She is a member of the Advisory Council at the Center for Equity, Gender and Leadership.

Our conversation tracks Heidi’s entry into investing and how she rose through the ranks to become a C-suite leader. We discuss what true leadership really means and how her early career grit and determination contributed to her own trajectory. Heidi is now also a founder, and her vision for Radiant ESG is a unique one. We examine what motivated her to launch her own firm and some of the challenges that they encountered due to the prevailing market backdrop but ultimately overcame.

A key takeaway of this podcast that I won’t forget is recasting the image of a bull in a china shop. Whereas this is typically a negative image, I have now re-imagined it as a determined, ambitious force within an organization that may, initially, resist being shaken up. My conclusion is that our industry needs a lot more of them.

There is more information about Radiant ESG at: https://radiantesg.com/

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