Esther Peiner – Building a Nurturing Career Infrastructure
Esther Peiner

Esther Peiner is Co-Head of the Infrastructure Group Europe in Partners Group, based In Zug.  She previously spent close to 11 years at Macquarie Group, where she was a managing director focused initially on the TMT sector and then infrastructure and real assets. Our conversation traces her entry into investment banking, how she thrived there and how she found being in a minority worked to her advantage at times – making her more visible, more memorable and more impactful.  We cover then her move to Switzerland and ultimately Partners Group. Esther is open about a painful period in her personal life that forced her to reassess her priorities and appreciate the supports that she had around her.  We talk about integrating family and work life, and why we need to normalize this balance. Esther is now a leader in the infrastructure investor space and we mention how much opportunity sits in this space and why more people should consider it for their careers. This series was made possible by the kind support of MainStreet Partners, a London-based independent and dedicated sustainable investment advisor that provides ESG multi-asset and multi-manager portfolios and a range of holistic portfolio analytics tools including sustainability ratings and bespoke sustainability intelligence. It was also supported by Carbonado Partners, an industry expert in capital raising for all asset classes, that endeavors to provide thoughtful solutions that address emerging managers’ perspectives and challenges.