Episode 3 – Success in Portfolio Careers – Alexandra Noble, Daniele Beasley, Susan Martin and Henry Tapper
Next Chapter: Episode 3

In Series 3 of this FiftyFaces Focus Series focusing on the Next Chapter – and specifically portfolio careers and what makes an effective Board Member and Chari we meet with Alexandra Noble, Daniele Beasley, Susan Martin and Henry Tapper.  We hear from a group of leaders committed to training the next generation of leaders, coaching through change and ensuring that all pensioners get to retire with dignity and informed choices.

First we hear from Alexandra Noble, who’s an independent strategic adviser to financial institutions and charities and has a particular interest in mentoring the next generation of investment leaders. She shares what it means to be a good leader, the importance of listening and key it is to allow all meeting participants to have a voice.

We cross over to California then to hear from a financial advisor, Daniele Beasley about her own Board Roles and her views on diversity initiatives from her vantage point. She has built a career of service focused on giving, and encourages us to do the same.

Susan Martin is also a “giver” and as a change consultant is frequently called up to bring institutions through periods of transformational change. She describes the role of a Non-Executive Director as akin to a coach or a mentor, something that is more essential than ever now given the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) circumstances that we are living with today.

Our final guest Henry Tapper, dives into a subject that has been a lifelong passion for him – pensions transparency and equity.  Given that many Board and Trustee roles cover pensions we wanted to provide some insight into the themes of this area, such as the levels of choice available, the pensions gap between women and men and the future evolution of this area.

Her portfolio career includes a consulting role for pensions for purpose, coaching and strategic advice to firms, a chair role of future fit limited and roles as a charity trustee and director. It is clear that there is massive change ahead in the world of pensions – an area that will be relevant to all of us, but equally where many directors and trustees will find themselves in fiduciary positions.  I hope you found some food for thought here in this episode of FIftyfaces focus – The Next Chapter. Follow us on Linked In, Twitter, apple podcasts, spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

This podcast series was made possible by the kind support of Darwin Alternatives. Darwin Alternative Investment Management Limited offers innovative, alpha-driven investment solutions that are uncorrelated with traditional asset classes and feature business areas which have not previously been considered by investment funds. The firm aims to create new opportunities for investors to further diversify their portfolios and achieve stable absolute returns.