Episode 239: Julie Castro Abrams of How Women Lead – Creating not just a Seat at the Table – but a New Table

Julie Castro Abrams is the Managing Partner of How Women Invest and CEO of How Women Lead. How Women Lead was established in 2011 and is driving for a world where women have a seat at every table where decisions are made and is currently a network of over 100,000 professional women.

How Women Invest is an early stage venture firm seeking to realize untapped economic potential by focusing on the intersection of female founders and female investors. She is also the co-founder and CEO of Limitless Bridge Capital, sits on the Advisory Board of Nia Impact Capital among multiple other roles.

Our conversation is a sweeping one which traces the origins of Julie’s passion for empowering women in professional settings and spends considerable time on the benefits of networking, knowledge sharing and developing a voice. We talk about the benefits of a community, and how to build one, and how to bridge the confidence gap that many women experience when it comes to finance and money matters. This relates to empowerment and inviting more women in to finance and investing, which for some is angel investing.Julie discusses the importance of angel investing as both spark and growth capital in an ecosystem, and how going about it can generate the virtuous cycle of more confidence, more status and better community and relationship.

We move then to discuss the need for a New Table, at which women and men are represented equally, and how to message this so that women respond and get the support they need.  There is more information about How Women Lead here: https://www.howwomenlead.com/the-movement

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