Emma Olivier – Trail Blazer and Disability Advocate: Highlighting the Twenty Percent

Emma Olivier is the founder and CEO of Twenty Percent, a disability Advisory working with Corporate Australia.  She was born with a limb difference – without a left hand – and understands from her own lived experience the challenges and opportunities of having a disability in the corporate world.  She spent over 30 years in consulting, most recently at Accenture in Melbourne.  She is a member of the Risk and Audit Committee of Scope, among other roles.

Our podcast charts Emma’s personal and professional journey, and discusses the nature of her limb difference and how she learned to talk about it, inviting curiosity instead of judgment and some of the biases she and other people with disabilities encountered in the professional world.

We speak then about what drove her to start Twenty Percent, and the opportunity that employing people with a disability presents.  She shares the importance of not idealizing the inspiration that people with a disability should be expected to present – but instead of normalizing disability within the workplace and life in general.

Twenty Percent is a dynamic, growing advisory that specialises in providing high-quality services to help organisations unleash the power of the 20% of Australians who have a disability. Working collaboratively with our clients, we co-create and develop action plans, strategies, policies and processes that promote access and inclusion.

You can find out more about Twenty Percent here: https://www.twentypercent.au
And Emma’s profile on LinkedIn is here www.linkedin.com/in/emma-olivier

You can find the link to the Ted Talk referenced in the podcast here: Stella Young: I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much | TED Talk

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