Elizabeth Kleinerman of Wellington Management – Networks and Progress in Financial Services

Elizabeth (Liz) Kleinerman is a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at Wellington Management, based in Boston.  She has worked at Wellington for her entire career, and is Chair of the Advisory Board of the Wellington Foundation as well as a Founder of the firm’s Pride+ Network and a leader of its diversity and inclusion efforts.  She lives with her wife and two sons in the Boston area.

Our conversation starts with Liz’s upbringing in a town south of Boston, where her family was one of few Jewish families in a primarily Irish Catholic town.  She went to Dartmouth and through a process of elimination found investment management as a career.  She joined Wellington as she felt a connection to the people she met, and she has remained at the firm for over 20 years.

We talk about the challenge of being another “other” in financial services, and why sometimes gay women are less visible in the workforce than gay men.

At Wellington, Liz helped to found the Pride Network and we discuss how it came about and grew from modest roots.  We examine the areas that it covers now – such as education around evolving gender norms, celebration events and an ongoing commitment to inclusion. We also touch on her work at the Wellington Foundation and its commitment to improving educational opportunities for underserved youth.

This series is brought to you with the kind support of Wellington Management, one of the world’s largest independent asset managers.  Wellington believes in the importance of a diverse workforce, equitable opportunities for all colleagues to reach their potential, and an inclusive culture.