Dr. Ylva Baeckstrom – Fusing Skillsets and Authenticity to Eliminate Imposter Syndrome
Ylva Baeckstrom

Dr. Ylva Baeckstrom is a lecturer and researcher in finance at King’s College Business School in London, where she has a particular interest in behavioural finance, investment decision making and investment advice, with a special interest in gender and the interplay between advisors and their clients. She previously worked in banking for over 15 years, and also has a psychotherapy practice, which provides relationship support to individuals and couples. She has written extensively on gender bias, financial inclusion and the impact of economic equality and gender in entrepreneurship.

Our conversation traces Ylva’s start in investment banking and what motivated her to pursue a PhD and transition to academic life. We also speak about her insights as a psychotherapist and how it complements her research.

When we turn to her current focus at King’s College Business School, Ylva reveals some of the staggering insights of her research, such as the systemic underrepresentation of women in the media, and how this contributes to perpetuating stereotypes, discrimination and gender imbalances. We talk about the imposter syndrome, how it holds people back, and how the partnership of industry players, the media and the next generation of talent can make changes in the industry make-up.