Bonus Series 2023 – Trailer

If you have heard the term abundance of riches, that is what we have been experiencing this year in terms of our guests. So we are very pleased to bring you this bonus series, sponsored by Sound Mark Partners, a women led real estate debt firm that exemplifies so much of what we endorse and promote in the investment industry. We learn about accidental career paths, innovative strategies such as funds focused on positive change, climate engagement, GP-led private equity secondaries and carbon credit trading.

We hear from the CIO of a university endowment about the joy she derives from a role where a university’s mission and investment agenda work as one, and about multiple private wealth experts about the challenges in representation in the industry and where they have found opportunities. We include career advice and wisdom for the ages.

The guests in our bonus series are:

Geeta Kapadia, Chief Investment Officer at Fordham University

Apurva Schwartz, a portfolio specialist at Harding Loevner LP

Kate Fox who is an Investment Manager at Baillie Gifford

Katie Stitch a partner at W Capital Partners a private equity firm

Shari Greco Reiches who is founder of Rappaport Reiches Capital Management

Saira Malik who is Chief Investment Officer at Nuveen

Sinead Faughan a financial advisor with UBS

John Teahan, portfolio manager at Redwheel

Jane Buchan of Martlet Asset Management and founder of PAAMCO

Matt Sherwood, founder of Pothos Partners.