BONUS – Nawar Alsaadi – Regret, Hope and Vision in the Field of Sustainable Investing

Nawar Alsaadi is a Senior Portfolio Manager in ESG investing at Canada Post and previously worked as a long-only portfolio manager.  He has led product development for ESG product research and spent time as a private ESG investor.

Our discussion covers Nawar’s childhood in Iraq, what drove his early interest investing and his transition to ESG-focused investing.  He is a frequent commentator on LinkedIn and it was his insightful and relatable posts there that drew me to him.  We cycle through many themes that he has expanded upon in articles, books and on LinkedIn including: the Russian Doll approach to understanding Net Zero, the concept of regret when it comes to stocks that are now the subject of divestment, the topic of engagement v. divestment and the broadbased adoption of ESG investing.

We discuss his writing and what drives him as well as some of the people who have inspired him.

There is a moving tribute to Nawar’s mother who passed away in early April and whom he mentions on the podcast as an inspiring force in his life, on LinkedIN here:

You can read more about Nawar’s stock market adventures here: