Bonus: Christian Scotland-Williamson: Why the Standard is the Standard, in Professional Rugby, the NFL and Life

Christian Scotland-Williamson is a two sport athlete who played Premiership rugby at a professional level in the UK, and then moved to the US where he played NFL football with the Pittsburgh Steelers. While playing sport he completed an MSc in International Business and he is currently pursuing a course to become a barrister and is a broadcaster for TalkSport.

Our conversation – being released as a bonus in advance of our 2023 Inspiring People in Law series – dives into the world of high performance sport and the mindset and preparation that lead to success.  We also examine the importance of maintaining breadth and resisting the urge to specialize too early, and then compare the professional sports worlds of both the US and the UK, where Christian has had experience of both.

In discussing sport we draw upon the wisdom of legendary coaches who are relentless in setting expectations, standards and drawing the most out of their team members. We then turn to discussing the next chapter for Christian – training as a barrister, and why this career appealed to him.  He talks about mentors who have inspired him in this arena too, including Margaret Casely-Hayford, whose own podcast appears here:

This is an inspiring story of resilience and personal growth.