Bev Durston – The Road Less Travelled
Bev Durston

Bev Durston is Managing Director of Edgehaven, an alternatives partner which works with mostly institutional clients to select alternative investments. She splits her time between her native Sydney and London and has over 30 years of experience in financial services.

She previously worked at a number of Superannuation Funds in Australia as well as the British Airways Pension Fund in the UK and has held a range of investment committee roles. Our conversation covers her long career in finance, and her experience in various global roles.

We talk about institutional appetite for alternatives, and how it varies, and touch on fee sensitivity and the role of performance fees and their complexity. We also discuss various choices that Bev made throughout her career – choices to travel or take global roles which involved more inherent change and risk, and how these have contributed to the richness that is her career journey.