Andara Kamara – interviewed by Justina Etteh – why victory loves preparation

Andara Kamara works at the tax policy unit in Ghana’s Ministry of Finance.  In this podcast, in which she is interviewed by Justina Etteh, she describes her path into the role, and how she first studied Development, expecting to use her skills in an international institution.

The opportunity arose to work at the Ministry for Finance, and Andara describes how she overcame her uncertainty around presenting her work, phrasing her reports and generally adjusting to life in the Ministry. What follows is an open discussion about the challenges in work getting recognized, and how preparation wins every time – and is the path to victory. It is an essential guide for young people entering the daunting world of a massive civil service, and a set of relatable steps for how to stay focused on the task in hand, how to prepare and how to screen out noise.

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